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Announcing Kintsu's New Ambassador Roles: Join the Revolution!

Poted May 30, 2024

Announcing Kintsu's New Ambassador Roles: Join the Revolution!

We are thrilled to introduce the Kintsu Ambassador Program, a new initiative designed to recognize and reward our most dedicated and talented community members. We have three exciting roles that you can achieve by consistently contributing your unique skills and creativity to our community!

Creator 🎨

Kinox Artist

Role Overview

Are you great at making memes, artwork, or other creative content? We need your talent to help spread the Kintsu spirit!


Key Responsibilities:

• Create engaging memes and share them in our community and on social media.

• Design promotional graphics and artwork for events and announcements.

• Develop visual content for educational posts and tutorials.

• Craft educational content, tweets, threads, and tutorials.


What We’re Looking For:

• Creative flair and proficiency in graphic design tools.

• Active participation in the community.

• Ability to produce high-quality, engaging visual content.


Analyst 📊 

Kintstern Analyst

Role Overview:

Do you excel at analyzing data and uncovering trends? Join us as an Analyst!


Key Responsibilities:

• Conduct in-depth analysis of Kintsu’s performance metrics and user engagement.

• Create comprehensive reports on market trends and competitor analysis.

• Develop dashboards to visualize key performance indicators (KPIs).

• Use SQL and other tools to extract and manipulate data for insights.


What We’re Looking For:

• Strong analytical skills and experience with data analysis tools.

• Ability to translate data into actionable insights.

• Proficiency in SQL and data visualization software.


Developer 💻

Liqashy Developer

Role Overview:

Are you skilled in coding and development? Your expertise is essential for our growth!


Key Responsibilities:

• Develop and maintain bots to enhance community interaction.

• Write and deploy smart contracts for various DeFi applications.

• Build and improve third-party integrations and dashboards.

• Ensure the security and efficiency of the Kintsu codebase.


What We’re Looking For:

• Proficiency in programming languages and blockchain development.

• Experience with smart contracts and DeFi applications.

• Strong problem-solving skills and attention to detail.


How to Achieve an Ambassador Role ???

Consistency: Show consistent activity and contributions in your chosen role. Regularly create and share content, analyses, or code that benefits the Kintsu community.

Quality: Ensure that your contributions are of high quality and align with the goals and values of Kintsu.

Engagement: Actively participate in community discussions and events related to your role.


Role Maintenance

Continued Contribution: To maintain your role, you must continue to provide submissions and input relevant to your role.

Manual Assignment: Roles will be assigned manually by the moderators or admin team based on observed contributions.

Role Removal: Roles can be lost if there is no consistent contribution or input from the member. Inactive ambassadors may have their roles reassigned to more active contributors.


Why Become a Kintsu Ambassador?

 Recognition: Stand out in the community and be acknowledged for your contributions.

Rewards: Your efforts will not go unnoticed!


Amplify Your Impact

We encourage our Azero fanatics to amplify their efforts using Kinox and Liqashy, and for the Nads to use the Nadified version of Kinox and Liqashy. Utilizing the right mascots will help you create even more impactful content and contributions, ensuring that your efforts resonate well with the respective communities of Monad and Aleph Zero.

Join us in shaping the future of Kintsu and making our community even stronger. We can’t wait to see the amazing contributions you’ll bring to the table!

Thank you for being an essential part of the Kintsu journey. Let’s continue to build something great together!


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